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Tire Focus Jun, 2 2018

Tire Storage

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 Tires on rows of shelves

Your Lexus Dealer may have a tire storage service, which could make things much easier for you. No need to take tires home. Ask your Lexus Assistant Service Manager if this service is available at your Lexus Dealer.

Exposure to the elements and heat are the main factors that affect the speed at which a tire ages. Tires will age naturally, but by taking a few steps to properly care for your tires, you may be able to prolong their life.

Ultraviolet rays and heat are not good for the rubber in your tires. You should keep your off-season tires out of direct sunlight. When storing your tires, place them flat in a dry, cool location that is not close to electrical motors or machines. They can give off ozone, which can damage your tires.

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