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Service Focus Jun, 19 2017

Suspension/Shock Absorbers



X-ray view of Lexus suspension and shock absorbers


Function of the suspension

  • Improves riding comfort and provides handling stability.

Function of shock absorber

  • Suppresses the bouncing motion of the springs.

Constant velocity (CV) boot

  • Protects the constant velocity joint from exposure to the elements and maintains its lubrication.

Piston rod

  • Strong enough to support the vehicle’s weight as well as the various types of shocks encountered while driving.


  • The damping effect is produced by forcing oil through valves inside the shock absorber.

Tie rod

  • The tie rod transmits the steering force from the steering rack to the wheel.

MacPherson Struts

  • Combines spring, shock absorber, upper suspension control arm and steering pivot in a single unit. The MacPherson Strut layout is especially beneficial on front-and all-wheel-drive models where room is required for drive-shafts to the front wheels.

Available F SPORT suspension

  • Lexus F SPORT models feature sport-tuned suspensions, which typically include sport-oriented springs, struts/shock absorbers and anti-roll bars. In some models, F SPORT suspension may also include Adaptive Variable Suspension (AVS) with electronically adjustable shock absorbers and Variable Gear-Ratio Steering. F SPORT suspensions provide more taut steering and handling feel.

close-up of Lexus F-sport suspension

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