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Service Focus Jan, 18 2018

Steering System



X-ray of Lexus steering system


Tie-rod ends

  • The link between the steering rack and the suspension/wheels.
  • Ball/socket fittings provide flexibility with suspension movement.


Constant velocity (CV) boot

  • Protects the constant velocity joint from exposure to the elements and maintains its lubrication.


Power steering pump and lines

  • Provides power assist to reduce required steering effort.
  • Power steering lines carry hydraulic fluid under high pressure.

Steering column

  • Transmits driver input from the steering wheel to the steering rack.

Steering rack

  • Transmits steering force from the steering column to the wheels.
  • May be either hydraulic or electric, depending on your vehicle.
  • Hydraulic systems use a pump run by the engine to reduce required steering effort.
  • Electric systems use electrical power, an electric motor, and a computer to control the power assist.

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