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Safety Focus Jan, 26 2017

Safety System – Active



Lexus Safety System+:

Lexus Safety System Plus+ (LSS+) is an all-new set of advanced safety features designed to help prevent collisions. LSS+ includes Automatic High beam, Lane Departure Alert, Dynamic Radar Cruise Control, and Pre-Collision System. LSS+ will be available on almost all 2018/19 Vehicles.

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ABS (Anti-lock brake system)

Helps prevent wheel lock when the brakes are applied suddenly, or if the brakes are applied while driving on a slippery road surface.

EBD (Electronic brake-force Distribution)

Helps reduce stopping distances regardless of load conditions by optimizing the braking effort distributed between each of the wheels, based on vehicle load and driving conditions.


BA (Brake assist)

Generates an increased level of braking force after the brake pedal is depressed, when the system detects a panic stop situation.

VSC (Vehicle stability control)

Helps the driver maintain control of the vehicle to prevent skidding when swerving suddenly or turning on slippery road surfaces. If the vehicle experiences wheel slip, VSC can reduce engine power and slow down individual wheels with the brakes to help keep the vehicle on the intended path.


SST (Smart Stop Technology)

Maintains driver power and prevents the front wheels, rear wheels or four wheels (AWD models) from spinning when starting the vehicle or accelerating on slippery roads.

HAC (Hill-Start Assist Control)

Advanced technology braking system enhancement that automatically reduces engine power when both the brake and accelerator pedal are pressed at the same time under certain conditions.


DAC (Downhill Assist Control)

Helps the vehicle descend a hill in a stable manner without locking the wheels.

EPS (Electric Power Steering)

Employs an electric motor to reduce the amount of effort needed to turn the steering wheel.


RCTA (Rear Cross Traffic Allert)

Warns drivers of oncoming cross traffic, helping them avoid unexpected collisions when backing up.

BSM (Blind Spot Monitor)

Helps increase safety by alerting the driver to vehicles that may have escaped visibility in the outside mirrors.


LDA (Lane Departure Alert)

Steering wheel vibration, audio and visual alerts, and steering intervention are provided to help assist the driver in avoiding lane departure.


Helps avoid or mitigate collisions by using a camera and radar designed to help detect vehicles and pedestrians, then, if detected, provide audio visual warnings, brake assist and emergency braking.

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