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Product Focus Mar, 14 2017

Genuine Super Long Life Coolant



Lexus mechanic pouring life coolant into car


What does it help do?

  • Removes heat from your engine to maintain optimal operating temperature.
  • Rated for temperatures as cold as -50°C.
  • Protects internal components from corrosion and wear.


Why does it need replacing?

The additives that offer lubrication and corrosion protection are depleted over time.


  • Extended replacement interval lowers ownership cost.
  • Concentrated blend of premium inhibitors for extended performance.
  • Pre-mixed formula ensures correct proportion for optimum performance.
  • Longer replacement interval reduces chemicals and material polluting our environment.
  • When used according to the factory required maintenance schedule the life of the cooling system will be extended, protecting the engine from overheating and easing cold starting in extreme cold weather conditions.
  • Can be used when changing the coolant on most 2004 and newer models.

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