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Service Focus Sep, 22 2017

Fuel System



 X-ray view from overhead of a lexus fuel system


Fuel tank

  • Sealed unit that holds fuel for the gasoline engine and prevents emission of fuel vapours.
  • Includes evaporative emissions system that recovers fuel vapours for use in the engine itself.


Pressure regulator

  • Maintains proper fuel pressure for optimum system operation.


Fuel lines

  • Deliver fuel from the tank assembly to the engine.


  • Open and close to provide fuel to individual cylinders.
  • Control the fuel to each individual cylinder.
  • Atomize (converts to a fine mist) fuel for optimum combustion and fuel economy.
  • Impurities in the fuel can build up in injectors performance over time. Regular injector maintenance will keep your system performing well.


Fuel pump

  • Uses an electric motor to ensure proper flow of fuel through the fuel system.
  • The pump is located in the fuel tank.

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