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Service Focus Mar, 20 2018

Cooling System

Maintains proper engine operating temperature. The cooling system removes excess heat by pumping coolant through the engine to the radiator. Air flows through the radiator and removes heat from the coolant.

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Service Focus Dec, 15 2017

Electrical System

Ignite the air/fuel mixture inside the cylinder using the high voltage provided by the coils. Charges the battery and provides electrical power while the engine is operating.

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Service Focus Nov, 25 2017

Manual Transaxle

Transmits the power from the engine to the transmission via the clutch. The inertia provided by the flywheel’s weight makes the crankshaft rotate more evenly and the engine run more smoothly.

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Service Focus Oct, 26 2017

Automatic Transaxle

Gear shifting is performed by combinations of the input gear, output gear and locked gears. Transmits and multiplies torque from the engine using transmission fluid as the medium.

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Service Focus Sep, 22 2017

Fuel System

Sealed unit that holds fuel for the gasoline engine and prevents emission of fuel vapours. Includes evaporative emissions system that recovers fuel vapours for use in the engine itself.

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Service Focus Aug, 23 2017

Lubrication System

Oil prevents metal to metal contact between moving parts of the engine. The lubrication system pumps oil throughout the engine and to the oil filter to be filtered.

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Service Focus Jul, 24 2017

Engine Construction

Open to discharge combustion gases from the cylinders. Open to draw the air-fuel mixture into the cylinders. Synchronizes the rotation of the camshafts, which open and closes the intake/exhaust valves, with the movement of the crankshaft.

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Service Focus Jun, 19 2017

Suspension/Shock Absorbers

Improves riding comfort and provides handling stability. Suppresses the bouncing motion of the springs. Protects the constant velocity joint from exposure to the elements and maintains its lubrication.

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